The New Prospect-Stats

February 10, 2018 | Hayden Speak


  For about the last six months I've been working on a full overhaul of and finally it's at a point where I feel comfortable making the switch to this new and improved version. The site is still very much a work in progress and there's a lot more I'm working to add but at the very least I've made sure that everything you could do on the old site you can still do on this new site. Additionally, there are some new things on the site that weren't previously available which I'm excited to share with you.

 1: Past Seasons Data

  This isn't entirely a new feature as the old site had previous seasons data it just wasn't intuitive how to access it so only a few users ever knew it was there. I've changed that now to make it easier for you to find data on any season that the league has made game sheets available for. Now when looking at a table simply click on the button for the season and you'll see a dropdown allowing you to pick which seasons table you'd like to view.

 2: Search

  In the old version of the site to view a player's profile page you'd have to go to the leagues table and find the players name in the table then select it. Now I've streamlined this process, in the navigation bar at the top simply start typing the name of the player or team you'd like to see stats for and select their name from the dropdown menu. You'll then be redirected to the profile page for that player or team.

 3: Player and Team Profile Pages

  Previously profile pages were specific to a player's single season, meaning that to see a player's stats for all three seasons in a league you would need three different tabs open just for that player. But with the new profile pages you're able to see stats for all the player's seasons, even those in different leagues, on the same page. Not only that, you can also see visualizations of where the player ranked in different stats league wide. And for leagues which track shot location data (OHL seasons from 2015-16 to present and QMJHL seasons from 2012-13 to present) you'll be able to see a heatmap of where the player took their shots as well as a graph showing the individual locations of all their shots and goals for that season.

 4: Player Comparison Tool

  If you select a league in the navigation bar at the top of the site you'll see that there are two different sections, one labeled Tables for the standard data tables, and another labeled Tools. Currently the site only has one tool available, the player comparison tool. To use this tool simply select any two seasons and players that you'd like to see compared side by side and visualizations of the players stats from that season will be shown next to each other.

 5: Table Filters

  One of the most common questions I received about the old site was if there was a way I could make it so that the data on the tables could be filtered more than just by age and number of games played. For the new version of the site I redid the table filters so that you can look at whatever subset of the data that you choose. When viewing a data table click on the filters bar and you'll see it expand to show the list of filters that you have applied to the table. By default, there are no filters applied to the data but simply type the cutoff you want into the input box and the filter will be applied to the table. You can choose to filter on any column by clicking on the column name button and selecting the column you want. Then you can choose what type of filter to apply by changing the filter type with the button on the right. You'll also notice that for stats with numeric values the available filter types are "less than", "less than or equal to", "equal to", "greater than or equal to", and "greater than". But, if you select a column whose values are text values the available filter types are instead "begins with", "contains", and "ends with". If one filter isn't enough for you to find what you're after then simply click on the "+" button at the end of the filter list and you'll be given another filter that you can apply to the table. Later on if you'd like to remove any of your filters just click on the "x" button to the right of that filter to delete it. Of course, with this many options for slicing the dataset you can easily be led to potentially false conclusions so I'd advise that you be cautious when applying multiple filters and try to use as few as you can.

  There are more new things that you'll find when poking around the site but those I feel are the most significant changes that you should be aware of. I have a long list of even more features that I'll be working to add to this site in the future so if there's something you'd like to see that isn't yet available it may already be in progress. But, if you'd like to make sure that your suggestion is heard I can always be reached on twitter @3Hayden2 or through email at